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i dont think you meant this as a drawing prompt but i FELL APART at the mental image

they’re perfectly in sync when they play but Tetsuya always wins because the game doesnt know how to register asmodai’s demon proportions

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Every Main Character Magical Girl

Dec. 1966- Aug. 2014

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Terriermon: "Momentai!"
Henry: "Oh, momentai yourself!"
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25 Day Digimon Challenge

↳ Day 17: A moment that made you laugh?

Mr. Ishida: Come on kids, that’s not nice. Someone take the bus with June.

June: That’s very nice of you, Sir, And I already have the perfect volunteer in mind.

Matt: And the absolute perfect volunteer is TK!

Mr. Ishida: Matt, you take the bus home with June.

Matt: Huh? I’m broke!

Mr. Ishida: There’s more than enough here.

Tai: Have fun, you two!

Izzy: Have her home before curfew!

Matt: I’ll trade for your seat!

June: Don’t be silly. You’ll sit with me!

Matt: Aahhhhhhh!

June: Come on, hunk! We gotta go catch the bus, it’s a long ride.

Matt: Please! TK! You can have my college money! Aahhhhhhh!

Kari: See ya in four hours!

Matt: Oh, I give up.

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Get to know me: <3/5> Female Characters
Misaki Tokura » Cardfight!! Vanguard
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Fire Darts!

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